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Anne Moore

02nd September, 2021


Lovely new owners. A pleasure to deal with them. Great customer service. I'm sure you'll be extremely successful.

Richard Kerrison

29th October, 2019


friendly staff, professional, helpful, Knowledgeable,and a pleasure to do business with. I will be using Woodside Tyrepower exclusively in future, and recommending them to all my friends and business associates. Well done, team.

Michael harding

10th May, 2019


I bought 2 tractor tyres from Tyrepower in Woodside. To say that I was happy with the price and service would be a huge understatement.
The level of professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction displayed by Cody was outstanding.
Well Done..and Thank You.

Aaron Jamieson

30th January, 2019


I had 4 nails in my tyre on 10/01/2019 and couldnt change the tyre myself as I have a broken arm. I drove the car to Tyre Power Woodside before it went down completely. The service I received from the team was fantastic, I needed to be somewhere within the hour so they took the tyre off put the spare on for me so that I could get on my way while they did the repair then when I got back took the spare off and replaced the repaired tyre, put the spare in place and all tools in the boot back into place and the bit that impressed me the most was the positive attitude I didnt ask them to do any of this they just did it. This was my first experience with Tyre Power Woodside but I wont be using anyone else in the future. WELL DONE

Bradley Condon

07th August, 2018


So I hit a pothole and blew out a tyre on the road leaving Williamstown, got on the phone to the absolute HEROES in Woodside and they had a tow truck out to me within 20 minutes. Towed me ALL THE WAY TO WOODSIDE, ordered in two new tyres for the next day, and when I got the call the next day to let me know I gave them the wrong size, they had another pair that would fit ready to go! From accident to back on the road, it was less than 24 hours (I came into the shop at twenty-to-six at night as well). That's what I call amazing service and dedication to the job!

Great Service? You bet your cotton socks
Brilliant Banter? For days
Best handshake in the hills? This is where it lives

10/10 love these guys, and I think I've found my new mechanic for all my future work. These guys are true heroes :)

Robert Allen

06th January, 2018



Flat tyre in woodside. Even though they were unable to find a secondhand tyre that matched they were very helpful and nice.

Luke Paterson

23rd January, 2018



Awesome staff. They did a great job on my car. Comfortable waiting area. I can't say a bad word about tyrepower woodside.

Peter Chudleigh

04th May, 2018



Always give sound avice and go the extra mile. Efficient, when positive trust is established (being local) they always make it worth going back.

Chris Eustace

07th June, 2018



Friendly service and knowledgeable staff. They slotted me in with an emergency puncture. Great group!


12th April, 2018


Recently my car broke down when I was in the hills and had to be towed to Woodside Tyrepower. They fixed the fuel pump. A week later there was a fuel leak so I took it to Typrepower Seaford as it was to far to go back to Woodside. They talked with Woodside and the problem was fixed as was the bill. Great work to both Tyrepower stores for working together.